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Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist


Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
As any successful fitness professional knows, your clients will not see the results they want unless their nutrition is in order ´¿½ no matter how hard they train! Nutrition by itself, as well as exercise by itself, will not yield the results you want.

The Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist program will arm you with the necessary knowledge to increase your credibility, and the opportunity to guide others in making better nutrition choices to reach their health and fitness goals naturally and easily.

This program is perfect for beginner and advanced Personal Trainers, Certified Life Coaches, Registered Dietitians, Certified Nutrition Coaches, Certified Diabetes Educators, RNs, Certified Fitness Nutritionists, as well as anyone wanting the opportunity to increase their income by providing their current clients with the missing component for guaranteed success ´¿½ sound nutrition and fitness programs along with the psychology and strategies only Hemispheric Integration´¿½ and NLP skills can provide.

You Will Learn

  • The complex nutrition jargon that many just don´¿½t understand, AND be able to explain it to your clients in laymans terms
  • 10 Easy steps to learn how to complete your accreditation in as little as 19 days
  • The number one mistake most people make in their exercise routine that causes them to LOSE muscle and GAIN fat
  • How to determine the exact amount of protein and carbs each individual needs so that you can consistently be the hero that gets them the results they want
  • The three most common reasons people lose muscle´¿½.and how to avoid them
  • The two KEY components you need to talk about ´¿½ AND NOTHING MORE! Any more than that and they won´¿½t need you any more
  • The three ways to make money through your nutrition certification that each involves less and less work from you
  • The way to find out if your client (or anyone else) is being less than truthful to you about their nutrition plan´¿½.or anything else
  • How YOU can set yourself out from the crowd with YOUR customized nutrition consulting
  • How to assess and utilize your clients´¿½ decision-making strategies and motivation strategies to better guide them to success
  • Discover how you can teach your clients to think for themselves so you don´¿½t have to take their late night crisis calls
  • And many, many more tips to help you become successful with this certification!

You Will Receive:

  • Comprehensive Manual (easily printable)
  • Home Study Multiple Choice Test
  • Test Answer Sheet
  • 90 day limited version of ENW's Patented What Works´¿½ Nutrition Software
  • ENW's What Works´¿½ Nutrition Software is an Excel Based Program (you MUST have Microsoft´¿½ Excel´¿½ installed in your computer)
  • Handouts for your practice
  • Articles &Research for clients, newsletter, etc.
  • A course on how to market &sell your services
  • A video course on how to use your software (no boring books to read)
  • A video course on how the human brain works, how to elicit decision strategies, motivation strategies, and more
  • 1 Full-Color Exchange List for Weight Management Booklet
  • Italian Made Body Calipers

How Is This Information Delivered?

You will receive a cd-rom and 3 educational dvd's.

How Do I Get Certified?

You have 90 days to complete this training and pass the certification test. The test is mailed in to be graded, and you have ONE chance to pass the test. Upon successful passing of the exam, you will receive your very own Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist´¿½ certificate suitable for framing, displaying your name and the CEU´¿½s earned.


This Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist home-study course is fully accredited and recognized by The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and awarded the maximum credits of 1.9 CEU's.

It is also recognized by the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT - FutureFit) and awarded 10 CEU's.

Refund Policy

Our Certification courses include our patented What Works Nutrition Software´¿½ and are therefore non returnable. Please take note of the CEC credits listed here.

Licenses / Designations / Educational Credits: CEU
All US States: 1.9
Alberta: 1.9
British Columbia: 1.9
Manitoba: 1.9
New Brunswick: 1.9
Newfoundland and Labrador: 1.9
Northwest Territories: 1.9
Nova Scotia: 1.9
Nunavut: 1.9
Ontario: 1.9
Prince Edward Island: 1.9
Quebec: 1.9
Saskatchewan: 1.9
Yukon: 1.9

All US States: 1
About The Provider: Exercise and Nutrition Works is a team of health professionals dedicated to providing you with the best accredited certification program on the market - based on SCIENCE FACT not Fiction and marketing hype.

CEO Lucho Crisalle BS, RD brings more than 25 years of experience as a nutrition and fitness expert to ENW Inc. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Exercise and Sports Sciences from The University of Florida, Gainesville.

Lucho is credited with developing world class custom nutrition programs for Americas' top CEOs, not for profit Latin Health Organizations, multi-million dollar health clubs, and enterprising fitness professionals. He has authored certifications in nutrition for the advancement of personal trainers, coaches and health practitioners world wide.
Price: $384.00
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