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Certified Speed and Agility Trainer


Certified Speed and Agility Trainer
In sports today, there is one quality that sets athletes of all ages and abilities apart. Fortunately for you, that quality is highly in demand and highly trainable.

What is that one trainable, highly desired quality? It is speed, and everything that comes with it: agility, reaction time, and the strength, power, and endurance that enable quickness.

The good news about speed is that it is highly trainable and highly improvable. You can help people of all ages and abilities become faster and more agile.

With this certification, you'll be prepared to reach out to this group of people with your unique skills and knowledge and carve out a place for yourself in this growing niche.

You Will Learn

  • Safety - You get 15 guidelines to set up a safe program.
  • Equipment - A list of equipment you can purchase with less than $100 to get started as a Speed and Agility Trainer. This list includes must have items as well as "nice to have" items that will really set your practice apart. But the great news is that you can get started with very little money to get into this booming field, and we show you how.
  • Starts - Learn 4 different ways for athletes to start their acceleration, and how to help them use proper form for maximum efficiency, power, and speed.
  • 10 exercises to practice and improve starts.
  • Health screening forms and waivers. We give you pages of proven forms and waivers so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Assessments - Learn 12 assessments to check your clients baseline speed, agility, power, endurance and flexibility – as well as assessments you will use again and again to test your client's readiness for various workouts.
  • Combine drills - Your program shows you the drills used in the NFL combines, and during other professional sports training programs. That way, you establish instant credibility with your clients.
  • Running form - Teach proper running form to your athletes, including arm and leg motion and proper backside and frontside mechanics.
  • 12 "slow dynamic" exercises to warm up your athletes.These are proprietary exercises based on a kinesthetic, dynamic warm up.
  • 13 form running exercises to warm up your athletes and teach proper form.
  • 18 "CNS wake up" exercises to prepare the Central Nervous System (CNS) to work at its best. Because speed and agility are driven by the CNS, these exercises are crucial for performance.
  • 17 exercises for muscle stability and core strength, in order to develop the strength required for explosive power and control while running.
  • Dozens of diagrams detailing agility and speed drills you can run, including where to place cones and with variations for shuffling, sprinting, and cross overs.
  • 14 plyometric exercises and drills to build strength in preparation for lateral speed and conditioning. These drills can easily be modified into dozens of additional exercises!
  • Testing and tracking results - The beauty of speed and agility training is that your clients constantly improve. You learn the best ways to constantly test their improvements and track results. That way, clients feel good about their workouts – and rave about your skills as a trainer.
  • 18 lateral speed and agility drills, including foot speed drills, deceleration, lateral drills, and drills that involve cuts and switching direction. Again, you can create dozens more drills with simple variations.
  • 6 types of fundamental multi-directional drills and how to customize them to your athletes' specific sports. These drills include detailed diagrams so you know EXACTLY how to set them up.
  • The secrets to creating "chaos" or sports-specific drills so that you customize your program to the athletes you are training.
  • Case studies of specific agendas for baseball players, tennis players, and football players – along with additional adaptations for soccer, volleyball, wrestling and other types of athletes.
  • Learn to run a variety of programs, including personal training, group training, camps, and team coaching.
  • Detailed agendas for two- and five-day camps.
  • 10 guidelines to designing effective and safe workouts. For instance, it is important to know which exercises to start and end with, how to progress as a workout evolves, proper rest intervals, and when NOT to push an athlete any further.
  • The top 3 motivational strategies to keep your clients delighted and moving forward.
  • Sample brochures, flyers, and press release templates that you are 100% authorized to use in your own practice
  • DISCOVER NEW OPPORTUNITIES - Yes, you will use this program to "explode" your income as a fitness trainer and to delight your clients - and you will also be fascinated by the new, different, unique opportunities that speed and agility training make possible for you.
  • How to grow your practice - You learn how to grow your practice with a 16-point plan, whether you want (or have) your own facility, want to focus on personal training, want group classes, want to launch a youth program, want to specialize in specific sports, or all of the above. You can do this because you get a SYSTEM and proven process for succeeding in Agility and Speed Training.

You Will Receive

  • The Speed and Agility Trainer's Marketing Manual
  • The Certified Speed and Agility Trainer's Manual
  • Certified Speed and Agility Trainer's DVD Training Video
  • Personalized one-on-one coaching and consulting
  • Certificate attesting to your status as an Agility Training Institute Certified Speed and Agility Trainer
  • Membership in the Agility Training Institute

How Long Will It Take to Get Certified?

This program is designed to get you certified quickly. All you need is a few hours to read the materials at your own pace. The materials are simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step and include 22 video clips (about 90 minutes) to help you learn fast.

You can be certified as quickly as you want - even within a week.

How To Get Certified

When you are ready, you take an online test to certify that you have completed the program and learned the material. Then you receive an exclusive ready-to-frame 8" X 11" Certificate from the Agility Training Institute documenting that you have mastered the material and are a Certified Speed and Agility Trainer.

Special Notes

There are multiple ways to make money as a Speed and Agility Trainer, and we show you how. These include not only private and group training, but a variety of classes, youth programs, and camps.

About The Provider: The Agility Training Institute provides best practice education related to helping athletes get quicker and more agile. Speed and agility are trainable skills that can make a huge difference to an athlete in almost any sport.

Our mission is to enable fitness professionals and coaches everywhere to offer their clients best practices in speed and agility training all at a very affordable price.
Price: $285.00
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